Google Gears

KindStandalone product
Started by GoogleMay 31, 2007
Ended by GoogleJun 7, 2011
Active days under Google1468
Wikipedia URL
DescriptionGears, formerly Google Gears, was software offered by Google that "enables more powerful web applications, by adding new features to the web browser. It allows some online files to be used offline". Released under the BSD license, Gears is free and open source software. In late November 2009, numerous online news sources reported that Google was going to migrate to Web Storage rather than use Gears in the future. A Google spokesman later clarified that Google would, however, continue to support Gears so as not to break sites using it. On 22 November 2011, Google announced that on 1 December 2011, Gears support would be removed from Gmail and Google Calendar. Gears was removed from Google Chrome stable on June 7, 2011.